LifeLifted Mission Statement

LifeLifted ​aims to contribute to the fastest growing industry in the US: the cannabis market. We are passionate about spreading the word about how hemp cannabidiol (CBD) can improve the lives of people and their pets. Through using premium, safe, organic ingredients, we believe in providing the best possible quality of life for dogs of all ages.

About LifeLifted Ingredients

Our products are based on an American, family-founded business that makes veterinarian-approved treats using water-soluble hemp powder. These tasty chews use the same proprietary CBD formula offered in their line of CBD products for humans. It’s organic, non-GMO, and safe for all.

What’s CBD all about?

LifeLifted promotes holistic healing from your pet’s nose to tail. What your pet eats matters! LifeLifted treats add elements that make their diet that much stronger. These come with all the good stuff – nothing bad. We use hemp oil from certified organic plants to create a human-grade product suitable for canines. Many people are realizing the power CBD has to improve life: for pets, the benefits are the same. Dogs can benefit from cannabinoids too. These treats improve digestion, homeostasis within the body, relieve joint pain, and help treat the anxiety your pup feels whenever you leave the house. LifeLifted treats promote anti-inflammatory benefits and improve your dog’s immune system.

Physician Recommended

Interested in learning more about the endocannabinoid system and CBD? You can find many online-published medical journals and countless clinical trials to explore the medical facts surrounding CBD.